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Thomas J. Schmokel
ADAAG Expert / ADA Consultant 
Professional Accessibility Consultant

810 Brent Drive
Tallahassee, Florida 32305-5504
(850) 491-6264



Business Hours - 10am - 6pm Eastern Time  MTWR  

I frequently work along with many ADA associates nationwide to provide services at the best possible rates: I've assembled a list of these people here!  This list is by no means any endorsement of anyone's qualifications, but is made available as a public service, to assist those in need of ADA expertise and hopefully qualified referrals. much like this entire website.

Non-Business persons with disabilities may get questions answered frequently for FREE when possible by emailing me, however due to the mere quantity of questions and complaints I already receive: and answer, I can not absolutely guarantee that I will ever get around to answering them all! I do my best as time allows. Please do not call me as this ties up my phone lines (unless I so request) as this keeps paying businesses from reaching me!  If you'll include all contact information + phone number along with a brief description of your situation, with your email requests, I'll frequently telephone you at no charge if I can be of assistance! Ii'm not the best typist, I'm somewhat slow in fact!  Leaving me multiple messages and tying up my limited resources of telephone lines will definitely hurt your chances of receiving my gratis assistance and free services for the disabled.  Each year I already answer around 1,000 questions for absolutely free, on my off time and evenings! 

So, if you just have a "few quick ADA questions..." you've finally found that someone who can actually answer them, in writing if necessary!



        *  ADA Affordable Housing Accessibility Plans Reviews
      *  Private ADA & UFAS Compliance Surveys & Audits
      *  24 years Experience in Accessibility Consulting and now
        45 years unequal-able experience as a person with a disability!

     * Private ADA Facility Compliance Inspections
     * Private ADA Real Property Surveys  & ADA Audits
Professional Accessibility Consultations
     * Georgia Department of Community Affairs
         Housing Accessibility Audits & Plan Reviews

I am not a Not-for-Profit corporation who offers free services to everyone gratis for the asking: I charge an hourly rate based upon my experience & my expertise. I am a Professional Accessibility Consultant who works with; Architects, Attorneys, Builders, Business Owners & Managers, Contractors, Developers, & Real Estate Brokers, Cities, State Agencies, Small Municipalities... amongst many others. I'm an uncontested expert at identifying architectural barriers at public and private  facilities frequently involved in ADA Litigation, &/or those public & private covered entities with ADA Responsibilities who are attempting to comply with the ADAAG and various state associated accessibility laws, building codes, and regulations. I also try to follow all of the laws of the US, state's, and local codes and ordinances, wherever I am. I also try to perform in an ethical and professional manner at all times: I am human, and I don't always know all of the laws rules, regulations and customs, in which cases I try to do the right thing by all persons!


Below is  the best ADA Research page on the net !!!.

"The shortest distance between two points... is most likely and usually inaccessible."

We survey, study, audit, or inspect commercial properties and perform in depth; ADA inspections ADA audit reports, ADA accessibility surveys on municipal, state, and commercial real properties for ADA Compliance.  We additionally perform ADAAG plans reviews for commercial properties on newly built or existing buildings  where ADA litigation is involved (i.e.; hotels and motels, office complexes, small municipalities, restaurants, convenience store chains, supermarkets, retail establishments, hospitals, and fair housing act covered housing developments within a targeted market of the South Eastern United States (AL, FL GA).  Our ADA litigation services include Fed. Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 34 Inspections, Affordable Housing Plan Reviews & Accessibility Consultation, and Expert supporting testimony on either the ADA defense and/or ADA plaintiff sides of cases, although we specialize in ADA compliance defense litigation: where we can show covered entities (ADA Titles II & III)  the lowest possible ADA compliance costs.

The 2003 International Building Code, Chapter 11 Accessibility is not the equivalent of the Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction (FACBC). 


In 1993 the Florida Legislature enacted the “Florida Americans with Disability Accessibility Implementation Act.” The purpose and intent of this Act (Sections 553.501-553.513, Florida Statutes) is to incorporate into the laws of Florida the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Public Law No. 101-336, 42 U.S.C. Section 12101 et. seq. ADA, while at the same time to maintain those provisions of Florida law that are more stringent than the ADA accessibility guidelines, that is, those provisions which are more favorable to the needs of the disabled. In 1997 the legislature amended the Act to complete the move to establish consistency of the Florida accessibility building code to the Federal ADA Accessibility Guidelines as adopted by the Department of Justice at 28 CFR part 36, Appendix A. Nothing in Section 553.501-553.513 is intended to expand or diminish the defenses available to a place of public accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, including, but not limited to, the readily achievable standard, and the standards applicable to alterations to places of public accommodation.

Florida Accessibility Code differences paper by Jeffrey Gross and presented to the Florida Building Commission - An extremely useful resource (FAC, FACBC, Florida Accessibility Code vs. Feds).

  Featured Accessibility; ADA & ADAAG Articles:    

New Revised 2010 ADAAG - ADAAG(R)

New ABA Regs - Access-Board


Suit over Florida Disabled Parking Permits for persons with disabilities may be resolved [Miami Herald 03/14/08]

 Disabled plaintiffs challenge roundabouts in federal court -
ADA accessibility at roundabout intersections potentially poses difficulty and safety hazard for visually impaired persons. 08-22-07

New Access-Board Guide Published on Rights-of-Way Alterations 08/31/07

Senator Tom Harkin Calls for Restoration of
Americans with Disabilities Act

Disabled Americans still don't have equality -  (editorial)  Is the ADA actually an impediment towards employing people with disabilities?

Disabled students face challenges in joining everyday life - FL
Every year for the past four years I have missed the local celebration for the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, even though like many ... 08/07

Court Approval Sought to Distribute Over $1 Million in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit against Baltimore Housing Authority
WebWire (press release) - Atlanta,GA,USA  08/07
The Justice Department's complaint alleged that HABC violated the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ...

Job interviews could be opening for lawsuit - Tallahassee,FL,USA 08/07
While the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted more than 17 years ago, illegal inquiries or comments associated with disabilities plague interviewers ...

Two Suspended Players Suing NFL
The commission said the NBA violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it didn't reinstate Tarpley even though he had passed all drug tests taken in ...

Court Approval Sought to Distribute Over $1 Million in Disability ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York, NY,USA
The Justice Department's complaint alleged that HABC violated the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ...

New York City Mayor Bloomberg Hosts Reception Honoring & Celebrating the 17th Anniversary Of The Passage Of The Americans With Disabilities Act  08/16/07

ADA accessibility rules to apply at sea
Foreign-flagged cruise ships to be required to heed U.S. regulations. 01/25/07

Jerry Doran v. Del Taco, Inc. - case on appeal - 09ca 05-55942 Federal Judge requiring an unambiguous pre-litigation ADA notice and a reasonable opportunity to cure ADAAG violations prior to filing: as if 15 year notice is insufficient . see ADA Notification Act.   Federal District Judge Cormac J. Carney is apparently disregarding the entire legislative process and now ruling on the laws as he sees that they should be written: rather then as they exist!  - 08/01/05
New newsgroup for posting ADA Discussions and ADA Class Action notices and other important yet hard to locate ADA compliance and accessibility information.

Supreme Court rules: cruise ships must provide disabled access  06/06/05   

US Department of Homeland Security

New ADA Accessibility Guidelines 
Cleared for July Publication
On June 25, the Access Board cleared its last hurdle before moving to publish updated accessibility guidelines for facilities covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The OMB the Federal government’s regulatory clearinghouse, approved the new guidelines after a 120-day review. The Board is now preparing the document for publication, which it plans to release on July 26, the 14th anniversary of the signing of the ADA into law. [more]

Compliance or Defiance?   June, 2004  
By Jana Madsen

Disabled win victory in ruling over access to government buildings (

Supreme Court Justices side with disabled in lawsuit issue (

U.S. Department of Education and NIDRR create new ADA document resource website -


The Ticket to Work and WorkIncentives Improvement Act of 1999

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Information Technology and
People with Disabilities

Diversity World -Site focus is Diversity in the Workplace: an excellent resource for PWD !!!

Best ADA Products

The Employee Rights Handbook

The Rights of Employees and Union Member
(American Civil Liberties Union Handbook)

Job Discrimination II:
How to Fight, How to Win

*** Armor Tiles - Truncated Dome Detectable Warning Systems
Handi-Ramps Low cost, high quality: aluminum ramps.
Aquatic Access, Inc. - ADA Compliant Pool Lifts
Portable Pool Lift - by RMT Aquatics a must see product.
Transfer Tier - An alternative device for pool access
ADAAG Pro - ADA Barrier Removal Survey Software
Code Buddy ADA& CA Accessibility Code Software ***
WingIts  Grab bar fastener system 
Design for Hospitality Thomas D. Davies and Kim A. Beasley
The ADA and FMLA Reference Library on CD-ROM **** -assistive and adaptive technology products
Window-Ease: Accessible Window Hardware 
Network Integrated Visual Paging & Messaging System 
The Center for Universal Design (CUD)
Handi-Ramps - Low cost aluminum access ramps, excellent quality The first in the business: since 1959 !!!
Inclusion Solutions better access solutions for small businesses and Voting Sites Nationally.
Stanco Signage Systems, Inc. - Custom Braille Signage
ADA Basic Building Blocks - intro web course on the ADA - offers CEU's
Detectable Warnings - Strangely ebay  is becoming a very useful site for purchasing inexpensive assistive technology, rehabilitation equipment and devices, and ADA equipment and products. I myself have purchased several used or demo wheelchairs at greatly reduced prices!



 We survey commercial real estate properties for ADA Compliance

The ADA requires most existing "covered entities" to comply to the "readily achievable" standard, which must be determined on a case by case basis: that is exactly the manner in which our services are offered.  Every survey is custom designed with the client's needs in mind.  Please contact us to discuss all of your businesses ADA needs: for existing facility ADA surveys, new construction plan reviews, providing "reasonable accommodations" for employees, ADA  employee training for facility management and staff, and for locating ADA compliant products.  We can help you comply with this complex set of laws, usually for a small fraction of what any potential litigation would cost. If we don't do it ourselves: we can almost always refer you to someone who can.

.Featured Products & 
that go far 

the ADA !!!

Armor-Tile Manufacturer
of Truncated Dome Detectable Warning Tiles


Wells Cargo's New 
ADA  Portable Restrooms

I'm on the Design Team Designing ADA Compliant Portable Restrooms for This Industry Leader in Contractor's Portable Toilet Facilities with far wider legal ramifications and thousands of uses.

Bank of America

Accessibility Loans

Link to Creative Laundry
Accessible Washer/Dryer:  Quiet Line "Best of Class"  The ADA answer for laundry accessibility problems for Hotels, Condo's, & PWD.   I bought one and I love it !  I put my clothes in the unit dry and dirty and then I take them out dry and clean !  This unit is the size of an average dishwasher.
. .
Inclusion Solutions
Accessible Entries
Inclusion Solutions provides a quite effective solution for providing better access to small businesses. (see: the BIG BELL)

Holland Rails: 
Nicest GRAB Bars on the Planet !   Manufactured  with Corian these grab bars can match the countertops !  They don't look at all "institutional": and are actually gorgeous.

Access-Able Designs Shower & Toilet Seats
Access-Able Designs manufactures some of the only truly ADA Compliant shower seats, along with other restroom accessibility products of commercial quality.  This site has some of the most amazing and affordable home automation equipment available today!   What does this mean specifically for people with disabilities?  INCREASED INDEPENDENCE ! - ADA Accessible Building Products

 When you hire us: by working together, we'll have  your customers with disabilities "flipping" over your  new "accessible attitude" !!!
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Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
World Press   Associated Press    UPI

Locate Legislation using the Thomas Locator  

Hot ADA, Disability, Legal Sites & Related Articles

  (AAPD) American Association for People with Disabilities
  (Justice for All ----- AAPD's Email Archive) 
  (WAPD) World Association of  People with Disabilities
 Counsel Quest - An Excellent Legal Resource !
  EMPOWERMENTZONE -  Awesome Civil Rights Links.
 Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. (DREDF)
 Tranquil Adventures:  Accessible fishing, in the FL Keys 
 ADA: clarified or ruined ?   By Marcia Coyle NLJ
 Disability Law Resources - Cornell University
 National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
 Consequences of the ADA:
  What "They" aren't telling you!

 Article: Reasonable Accommodation to Disability Act
 Disability Rights and ADA Article by Walter Olson
 How to file ADA & related complaints with the Feds
 Who's in the responsibility loop? ADA Case Law:
 National Accessible Apartment Clearinghouse
  Disability Law in the United States- A Legislative
 History of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990
 Products for Deaf People & Hearing Impaired - TTY, TDD...
 Blackberry [T-Mobile] from

Wikk Industries, Inc. AccessAbility Power Door Switch: The INGRESS'R

High School Diploma- get your GED Online

ADA Case Law

*** Spector, Douglas, et al. v. Norwegian Cruise Line Ltd., *** 6 Jun 2005 ***

Albertsons, Inc. v. Kirkingburg   Bragdon v. Abbott
Buckhannon Board & Care Home, Inc., et al. v. West
Toyota Motor Mfg., KY., Inc. V. Williams
Virginia Dept. of Health&HR et al.
Murphy v. United Parcel Service, Inc.
Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections v. Yeskey
Sutton v. United Air Lines, Inc.
Olmstead v. L. C. _ Alexander v. Choate
Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections v.  Yeskey
School Board of Nassau County v. Arline
Board of Trustees of  University of Alabama
v Garrett
  Tennessee v Lane Ruling

U.S. Courts - The Federal Judiciary


 FREE Disability Law, and ADA & ADAAG Technical Assistance
Materials from the



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The following Tables contain Links to the Most Relevant ADA Compliance Sites available.

I started with Nothing: and I still have most of it left!

National ADA Attorney List
National ADA / ADAAG  Accessibility Consultant List
Fair Housing Attorney List ..
Gov't. ADA Related Disability Organizations Proprietary
ADA  ADAAG_ADA-TA_ DBTAC DREDF_NARIC_ NIDRR_AAPD Organizations that Litigate ADA Cases
SSA_FAA_ IRS_JAN_ CDC_ GSA NOD_WID_ DPI_NIOSH _ AADI Florida Disabled Outdoors Association
LOC _GPO _SE-DBTAC_ PCEPD_VA WAPD_EasterSeals _ The ARC ADA ADAConsultant_ ADABooks
CFR_ WH_ OFCCP_ILC _ LII Justicefor All _ AccessUnlimited DisabilityGraphics _ ADAProducts
Access-Board(ATBCB) _ Trails_ MCC Trace_NCAM _CDR_ ACLU-FL International Access Symbols (Graphics)
AIDS Housing Act _ TechAct 88 _ WIIA ADA2000_ADAAccessNOW_DAD BusinessLinks _ FindPeople_ABLENet
Fair Housing Act + _ ComplianceOffice WEBSTANDARDS PROJECT FL & GA Specific  AbleTrust_ FlaILC
Communications Act _ Rehab Act _ IDEA Shepherd_ LEAP_ ADAHandbook FACBC  _  DBPR-H&R  _  FireMarshal
aircarrier access act + _ CRA-64_ JTPA Instituteon Independent Living _ DICOMP FloridaConstitution _ FloridaStatutes
ADAHandbook _ ANSIA117.1 _ UFAS Fair Housing Access (HUD) _ AccessLife FS509 FS553 FS760_  
FedWorld_ FedWebLocate _ FedLaw Housing Guidelines _ DISABILITY NEWS Florida Fair Housing Act _ FAAST
ADA Checklist _ HR LawResources TheADA & Psychiatric Disabilities FDDC _ FLAdvocacy Center _ ADAWG
The Seven Biggest Fears of Employers HUD's Fair Housing Bookshelf Florida Accessibility Code  _  
DOJ-FOIA Page _ LawGuru ADA page PVA  VETS_ DAV_ Evan Kemp Page FCHR_DCA_ FL Courts _ FL map
Federal Accommodation Programs Florida Disabled Outdoors Association EEOC's ADA Handbook GA DCA Housing  _
Wealth, like happiness: is never attained when sought after directly.
It comes as a by-product of providing a useful product orservice (Henry Ford)
ADA & LEGAL LINKS Misc. Disability - Associations & More
U.S.Disability Laws (Cornell University) HanditelDatabase _ The Boulevard AAHOA_AEC_ AH&MA_CFHMA
USDC PACER _   PACER Web Links  Florida Disabled Outdoors Association, Inc.  DOJ - EEOC - FCHR -
RossRunkle Employment Law Page WebABLE_ DisabilityNews Ticker ABA_ABC_ AIAFLA_AIA_ BOCA
Laws Regarding Special Education  The Americans with Disabilities Act Text   ADA Portal  ADA ADAAG
ELECTRICLAW LIBRARY _ FindLaw DeafLinks _ Relay800 #'s _ SilentNews BOMA_CABO_ ICC_ ADAHandbook
CornellU _ VirtualLaw Library  NAAC DeafWatch _ DeafLinks @ Gallaudet U IFMA_NAADAC _NAREA_ NFPA
SeamlessWebsite _ RID_TDD Sales & Repair NFB_NRA_ SBCCI_ANSI_ MCC
Lexis/Nexis_LawCrawler _ LawINFO ADA& HIV Info _ ADA& Hiring AMA_AOTA_ APTA_RESNA
ABADisability Law Reporter _ AllLaw FREE Disability Rights Brochure HLA_NELA_ EASI_ASID_ BBB
JOSHUA_BriefReporter _ADAHandbook Latex Allergy_ MCS_ CODI Tallahassee Builders Association (TBA)
PrairieLawbit.listserv.ada-law WEBPAGE ACCESS _ CAST _WAI Hotmail  _  Lycos_ HotBot _
LegalMinds_Law-dot-Net _ Legal Pad Door Scope _ Door Pressure Gauge  Google _ Froogle _ A9 _ Overture
CafeLaw _ LawGuru _W3Lawyer DisabilityInfo _ DisabilityResources DogPile_ SavvySearch  
LAWS.COM_LegalNews _ FindForms Thomas Federal Legislation Locator Yahoo_ Excite_ Infoseek_ AltaVista
HG_M-H_ LawOffice.com_eLaws EmergingHorizons Travel Newsletter DisabilityStatistics _ Funnyas a Crutch
LawNews Network _ ADATax Pack Disabled Businesspersons Association ICBO_ Accessibility/ Usability Specialist
employment law forum _ U.S.D.C. Pacer People1st Language _ DisAbilityOnline ADA Handbook  

Custom Search

Florida Building Code 2004, Chapter 11 Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction

CABO/ANSIA117.1-1998 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Florida Building Code 2004, Chapter 11 Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction


ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines

In 11/99, the Access Board proposed updated guidelines for facilities in the private and public sectors under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA).  These guidelines are at their website: and could be  fully adopted within the next few months. Contact: Dave Yanchulis, Access Board (202) 272-5434, ext. 127 (voice), (202) 272-5449(tdd)  E-mail:

:: :: :: :: :: ::

ADAAG: Final Guidelines on Play Areas

On 10/18/2000, the  Board published accessibility guidelines for newly built or altered play areas under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These guidelines are one of the first of their kind in providing a comprehensive set of criteria for access to play areas. They cover the number of play components required to be accessible, accessible surfacing in play areas, ramp access and transfer system access to elevated structures ,and access to soft contained play structures. The guidelines address play areas provided at schools, parks, child care facilities (except those based in the operators home, which are exempt), and other facilities subject to the ADA.

:: :: :: :: :: ::

Consequences of the Americans With Disabilities Act

In Consequences of Employment Protection? The Case of The Americans With Disabilities Act (NBER Working Paper No. 6670), authors Daron Acemoglu and Joshua Angrist ask whether the ADA accomplishes its mission of increasing employment and retention of the disabled, while keeping wages on par with non-disabled employees, and whether the ADA adversely affects employment of the non-disabled, as early critics of the Act predicted it would. [ more ]

:: :: :: :: :: ::


WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has a comprehensive policy guide entitled Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The guidance addresses the duty of employers to provide "reasonable accommodations" to applicants and employees with disabilities under Title I of the ADA. The Commission also has a shorter version ofthe guidance entitled Small Employers and Reasonable Accommodation.

:: :: :: :: :: ::

Tax Incentives Packet
 Americans with Disabilities Act
Get all of the latest Tax information on the ADA - Americans with 
Disabilities Act info directly from the USDOJ and the IRS.

:: :: :: :: :: ::

Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction (FACBC)  The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has certified the FACBC as being equivalent to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines ADAAG. The FACBC is now available online at

:: :: :: :: :: ::

Georgia Accessibility Manual

SAVE Big on ADA 
ADA Related BOOKS 

Tools of the TRADE
Disability Law in the United States- A Legislative History of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, Public Law 101-336 (Federal Disabilities) Bernard D. Reams; Hardcover; $650.00

International Building Code 2003 (International Building Code) (Paperback) List Price: $86.00

ADA & Accessibility @
Accessible Codes   Accessible Design
Barrier Free   

High School Diploma- get your GED Online @

Click here to Order Means ADA Compliance Guide from

Means ADA Compliance
Pricing Guide:  
Cost Data for 75 Essential Projects

Sweet's Accessible Building Products Catalog

Pocket Guide to the ADAAG  Evan Terry & Associates

Florida Department of Community Affairs Building Code Information System and Accessibility waiver applications


Macklanburg-Duncan 92288
24" Smart Tool with Module

Get your Smart Tool @ and save!

Ideal for taking ADA Slope Measurements!



Constructing Accessible Web Sites

Jim Thatcher, Cynt...

Best Price $85.95




ADA & ABA Handbook

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Manual for [your state]
available for
AZ, CA, FL, IL, MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ, NY State, NY City, OH, OR, PA, TX, VA, WA, WI


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"And this is Tom Schmokel's Office & Workshop.  This is where ADA Accessibility happens... 
Notice the levered door handle, the proper door maneuvering clearances, the  complete lack of any door threshold for easiest accessibility, and even the proper Braille Signage !  This guy's absolutely the BEST ADA Consultant and ADAAG Expert in: Daytona, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville,  Tampa, Fort Myers, St. Petersburg, Pensacola, Tallahassee, FL, West Palm Beach,  and Orlando, Florida areas, and probably the whole wide World! According to all of his customers or clients: they LOVE this guy!